Finding that one idea

January 23, 2014


I saw this picture from a newsletter I receive from Scott Dinsmore’s Live Your Legend

I know if I harness my focus on one thing, I know I’ll be able to succeed.  I have enough ambition to power myself forward.

The problem is finding that one thing.  It’s not like that I don’t have an idea.  It’s that I have many ideas. I want to do fashion and fight photography, run my own muay thai gym, have my own PR firm, own a bar that is upscale and plays raunchy music from the 30s….

Everyday, these ideas bounce around in my head.  I want to do something I love, but I love doing many things.  

Do I need to have one idea if I’m passionate about many things?  Who knows? Maybe I’ll figure it out down the road.

On a side note: I got media credentials to cover the UFC event coming up this Saturday in Chicago.  Pretty stoked about that.